Coming Soon to MSP RMM… Run Single Checks on Demand, Site Concentrator Update

We’re pleased to announce a couple of feature enhancements in the first MSP Remote Monitoring & Management release of the new year, due out in the next few days. In this update, we’re adding the ability for you to run single checks on demand, instead of having to always run all checks, and we also have an improvement to Site Concentrator so you can see if there’s an issue with upstream proxies.

In addition, there’s a Windows Agent update with a new Take Control ‘host’ module that uses TeamViewer’s latest v12 version. This follows on from the recent update to the ‘viewer’ module, and means Take Control is now running on TeamViewer’s very latest version. We’re currently working on an equivalent update to the Mac Agent and will release this as soon as it’s ready to go.

All the details…

Run a Single Check
Here’s a screenshot of the new single Run Check option. It means you can inspect a specific bit of a system without having to run all the 24×7 and Daily Safety Checks, making it faster and less resource intensive. You can run just one check or use CTRL+Click or Shift+Click to select a few specific checks and run those.


See Upstream Proxy Issues

In this release we’re also introducing the ability for our Dashboard to detect when Agents cannot upload due to upstream proxy issues. This enhancement to Site Concentrator shows up in the Summary Tab of a device, here’s a little screenshot to show you an example…



Summary for Service Release
– TeamViewer update for Take Control
– Dashboard v6.36
– Windows Agent v10.5.7 RC, no change to GA Agent

Dashboard v6.36
UPDATE: Ability to re-run a single check on demand
UPDATE: Ability to expose agent upload difficulties on Dashboard if the cause is an upstream proxy
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Critical Event check failing with “Unknown Error”
BUGFIX: Correctly handle German Umlauts within Critical Events Report

KNOWN ISSUE: The new Run Check option text will be in English on the day of the release, translations to follow a day after

Agent 10.5.7 RC
UPDATE: Upgrade Take Control to latest TeamViewer 12 Agent
BUGFIX: Resolve issue which can cause Agent to hang during software update
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with agent component which resulted in performance degradation

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MSP RMM Scheduled Maintenance, Jan 14th

We’re planning to perform systems maintenance to MSP Remote Monitoring & Management on Saturday, 14th January. The work will affect RMM Dashboard access and services in the North and South America region. Other regions are not affected. As is our normal practice, the work will be performed out of office hours to minimise disruption.

The maintenance schedule is as follows:

  • North & South America – 2:00am to 6:00am EDT, Jan 14th

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Technical Support – Telephone connectivity issues – RESOLVED

We have now received confirmation from our Telephony engineers that full phone service has been restored. Global MSP Technical Support is now able to receive telephone calls as usual.

The issue was identified as a connectivity issue, where the connection failover had not functioned as intended, causing a temporary inbound call outage which was mentioned in this previous post.

Thank you for your patience, and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience which this may have caused.

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Technical Support – Telephone connectivity issues

We are currently experiencing a phone system outage that is impacting inbound calls to our Technical Support service.  At this time it is not possible to connect to Technical Support via the phone.

We are working on this with the highest priority and will post a status update as soon as we know more.
In the meantime, if you need to get in touch, you can still use the Live Chat, or the Customer Support Portal to log a case. As the phones are presently unavailable, there may be a slightly greater hold time with Live Chat than usual.
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MSP RMM Release… Mobile Apps Now Support MSP Anywhere Take Control

In follow-up to our recent post, we’re pleased to announce that MSP Anywhere-powered Take Control is now available with the MSP Remote Monitoring & Management mobile apps. It means you can run Take Control sessions directly from your phone or tablet for any devices using the MSP Anywhere engine.

To take advantage, select any server or workstation that’s using MSP Anywhere-powered Take Control, then on the Device Info screen, tap the Take Control button. This will launch the special Take Control companion app. The first time you use this you’ll be prompted to install the app, after that it will start the remote session automatically.

The MSP Anywhere app is fully featured, and gives you a great set of tools for remotely managing client devices. The ability to provide fully fledged remote support from your mobile is a great opportunity that you can work into your service offering, and may well give you a competitive advantage over your rivals.  Continue reading

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MSP RMM: False positive (VIPRE) RESOLVED

We’ve had reports of False Positive alerts being reported by Managed AV clients using the Vipre AV engine. It looks as though this problem has been introduced in Definition 54638.

Our engineers have released a fix for this in Definition version 54645. If you are experiencing this problem, please ensure the definitions are fully up to date.

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MSP RMM Service Release… Update to Take Control Viewer

We’re pleased to let you know that we’ve released an update to the Take Control ‘viewer’ module, so it will run TeamViewer’s latest version, TeamViewer v12. This is in preparation for a v12 update to the Take Control ‘host’ component for TeamViewer in January.

To take advantage, go to ‘Remote Access’ in the top menu bar and download the new viewer. This update is now available in all Dashboard territories.
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