Linux Agent 1.0.2 and Dashboard 5.34.2 service releases


the GFI MAX RemoteManagement Linux Agent 1.0.2 and Dashboard 5.34.2 service releases will be released overnight, so that they are available for start of business tomorrow 31st May 2013. These wrap up a number of fixes for users of the Linux Agent. The release notes are as follows:

Dashboard v5.34.2

•    BUGFIX: Physical network interface speed may not be detected in Linux virtual machines. Add an option to specify the interface speed in the edit check dialog of the performance monitoring check – network usage
•    BUGFIX: In the Edit multiple checks dialog, separate Windows and Linux network interfaces

Linux Agent 1.0.2

•    BUGFIX: Correct an issue that prevented the network performance check from determining the interface speed
•    BUGFIX: Add dependency for “unzip” package on Debian based distributions to prevent issue where checks would not synchronise
•    BUGFIX: Correct logic applied to comparison value in SNMP check to match Windows agent
•    BUGFIX: Ensure process check can detect multiple Oracle processes

Supported GNU/Linux distributions

Current versions of the Linux Monitoring Agent have passed full QA and are available for these distribution versions.
•    CentOS 5
•    CentOS 6
•    Fedora 17
•    Fedora 18
•    RedHat Enterprise Linux 5
•    RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
•    openSUSE 12.2
•    openSUSE 12.3
•    SLE 10
•    SLE 11
•    Debian 6.0
•    Debian 7.0
•    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
•    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
•    Ubuntu 12.10
•    Ubuntu 13.04

Previously supported GNU/Linux distributions

Packages for these previously supported versions are provided on an as-is basis.
•    Fedora 15
•    Fedora 16
•    RedHat Enterprise Linux 4
•    openSUSE 11.4
•    openSUSE 12.1
•    Debian 5.0
•    Ubuntu 11.04
•    Ubuntu 11.10

With kind regards,

The GFI MAX Team

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