MSP Manager Update –

An emergency publish for MSP Manager ( has taken place this morning April 20th 2018.
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SolarWinds Mail Assure: April 16th Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

When configuring the LDAP mailbox sync for your domain, it’s now possible to get a results preview to verify your settings. Continue reading

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MSP Manager Update – Micro Service Publish

A back end Micro service publish will be underway shortly to resolve an issue causing ticket requests created using the end user portal to remain as requests despite proper routing configuration.

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SolarWinds Risk Intelligence: Update Release, 12-April

We’re pleased to share the latest set of updates for SolarWinds Risk Intelligence.

What’s new:

All analytic reports will now show a rolling 1-year time period. This will reduce the volume and improve the focus of scan data added to the reports.

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Announcing Availability of SolarWinds® Backup Version 18.4

We are pleased to announce availability of the SolarWinds® Backup 18.4 release. This release adds some new features, some improvements to existing features and resolves some customer reported issues.

NOTE : If you are one of our Software Only partners, and use your own storage nodes, make sure to read the important message about the storage node software below. (**)

Improved RTO and RPO with “High Frequency” backup scheduling

We have extended backup profiles to feature “High Frequency” scheduling to help you deliver improved RTO and RPO for your customers. The schedule tab displays intervals available for that profile. By enabling these at the profile level the new schedule is available for multiple devices.


New – User Role for Improved Security
We’ve added a new role of security officer. Only SuperUsers identified as a security officer will be able to request the passphrase for automatically deployed devices that are using a system generated encryption key.

In the user management section of the Console, there is now a checkbox to identify the user as a security officer.

Every partner / customer / group level should have at least one security officer from the active users.

New – Custom Columns in the Console
The console provides status at-a-glance. In this update, we have introduced the ability to add custom columns to the view.

Once a custom column has been created, click the check box on the left to insert it into the current view. Easily arrange positions, save, or export the view.

Adding content to the columns is as simple as performing a mouseover and clicking the edit icon. Easily create a custom column for storing device asset tags, billing references, identifying systems that have been retired or decommissioned or other useful data.

Please note, we strongly discourage storing sensitive information like encryption keys or passwords in custom columns.


Improved – Restore Tab in Backup Manager
The Restore tab has been simplified to enable a faster, more intuitive, way of selecting the desired day / session. A calendar view and available session list is shown so you can quickly select exactly which session to restore.

Also, the restore location has been simplified, to prevent accidental overwritten files. You now have the option to restore to the original location, or to choose a new location.


New – Historical Charts in Console
The console now displays historical data in a graphical view. This allows you to easily monitor the growth of storage by partner or subset or selection.


Improved – Backup Accelerator V2
We have expanded the scope of our Backup Accelerator to boost performance. The Backup Accelerator tracks changes between successful backups removing the need to perform a full scan of the system every time.

Improved – LocalSpeedVault self healing / auto-disable
A failed and offline LocalSpeedVault represents a significant risk to data recoverability if it contains data that has not been transmitted to cloud storage. For improved recoverability, we have auto-disabled synchronization for a failed state for a period of 14 consecutive days.

Any unsynchronized / unavailable backup sessions will be invalidated. The next backup operation will then synchronize the most recent version of selected data.


(**) : The latest Storage Node software installers can be found in the Advanced Download section of the Management Console or on the download section of our website. A video walk through is available for Windows and Linux storage nodes.



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MSP Manager 3.8 Advance Notification – April 12th – 8:00 am GMT

A publish is scheduled for MSP Manager (3.8.0) for this Thursday April 12th  at 8:00 am GMT.

The Update Window is approx. 6 hours and we do NOT anticipate any downtime.

Release Notes will be made available shortly after publish.

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SolarWinds RMM: New Windows RC Agent, April 9th

We’re pleased to let you know we’ve made a new Windows RC Agent available, v10.7.6. The RC Agent addresses a Backup & Recovery version issue with the 10.7.5 GA Agent, whereby it’s trying to install Backup v17.9 on devices that are running the latest Backup version, v18.2. It fails to do so, devices will stay on Backup v18.2, but it’s nonetheless running a non-desirable process that may also create unnecessary temp files as part of the routine.

Here are the release notes for today’s Agent update: Continue reading

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