SolarWinds RMM: Service & Feature Release

Hi Everybody,

I’m pleased to confirm we’re some 2/3rds of the way through rolling this week’s RMM update out to customers, with just the US / Americas region left to go next week.
This week’s release prepares us for our global upgrade from MAV-BD v5 to MAV-BD v6.

The Release Candidate (RC) option to “Enable Bitdefender v6” from the Managed Antivirus menu will be removed with this update.  To learn more about the upgrade to MAV-BD v6, please see the links at the bottom of this post. Continue reading

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MSP Manager: Emergency Patch Published

Following yesterday’s publish, an authentication problem between N-central’s  API and MSPM was discovered.  This caused errors when N-central attempted complete ticket operations.

An emergency patch was published today at 13:30 GMT and we have confirmed resolution of this issue.  No downtime was experienced as part of this publish.

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SolarWinds Mail Assure: September 17th Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

Improved Email Scout Report Scheduling

The interface for scheduling Email Scout Reports receives a significant refresh in this week’s build.

You still have ‘right away’, which is the simplest of all. Other simple options are ‘at a given time’, which now has a friendlier day & time picker, and frequently chosen options that require no additional configuration, such as: ‘Weekdays at 9 a.m.’ and ‘Every day at 9 a.m., midday, and 4 p.m.’. Continue reading

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MSP Manager Release 3.13.2

In this weeks MSP Manager release v.3.13.2, we have introduced no new feature functionality.  Here is the list of bugs fixed in this patch: 

  • Language preference reverting upon logout
  • Displaying the MSP’s company name in the user portal
  • The My Dashboard, Billing and Reports tabs not loading
  • Time Entries notifications not being sent from the default address
  • Ticket Details email notification redirecting to invalid link
  • RMM outages not generating tickets”
  • Made it clear that customer assigned in a ticket cannot be changed if customer responses are present

 Below is an addition to our Known Issues:

  • HTTP 500 error when exporting Tickets with time entries
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SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Windows Agent & Mac Agent Updates

We’re pleased to let you know this week’s RMM release includes two Agent updates: We’re promoting Windows Agent 10.7.10 to be the new GA Agent, and we’re also updating the Mac GA Agent to v3.0.3 with an improvement to the Agent install process.

The release is currently live in the Asia Pacific region and in Europe, with the rest of the territories due to follow shortly.

Here are the release notes for this week’s update….  Continue reading

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SolarWinds Mail Assure: September 10th Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: The ‘Remove and Train as Spam’ and ‘Train as Spam’ actions would sometimes fail with very large numbers of messages (#36119, #36334)
  • Resolved: Using the ‘Make a copy of’ action on the Email Scout Report template ‘column’ would fail (#36142).
  • Resolved: Downloading large numbers of archived messages would sometimes fail (#36325)
  • Resolved: The banner permitting regenerating the archive content index would wrongly be displayed when archiving was not enabled (#36363)
  • Resolved: Training a message as spam from the archive would wrongly be available as an action when archiving was not enabled (#36379)
  • Improved: The ‘blackhole’ help text on the Mailboxes page has been clarified ([139088])
  • Improved: When using LDAP authentication, if the LDAP server cannot be reached, or an error (other than authentication failing) occurs, the provided username/password will now always be checked against the local control panel credentials as well (#31050)
  • Added: It’s now possible to see the earliest time that an automatic delivery attempt will be made for messages in the queue. To do this, add the ‘earliest next delivery attempt’ column in the log search page. This is expensive to calculate, so you’ll need to click the button in the rows you’re interested in to see the value. Note that this is only the earliest possible time; the actual delivery attempt may be later, depending on factors like server load (#32867)
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MSP Manager: IP Address Update

Please note that we will be adding a new ip address for MSP Manager’s outgoing mail delivery.  If you have configured a whitelist, please include the following ip address:

You may add this ip address immediately to your whitelist in preparation for the update.  There is no expected downtime or service delivery impact to MSP Manager.

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