SolarWinds Passportal: Weekly Service Update 2020.8.5

Customer Bugs

FIXED: UTC Time persisting even when not chosen under Company Settings: Partners reported issue on the persistence of UTC time on all docs regardless of time chosen under Company Settings

FIXED: Automated Workflows failing to create Autotask tickets: Issue around the ticket creation within Autotask after a workflow has fired and that has been chosen as the Action

FIXED: Automated Workflows issue connecting to Microsoft Teams: Partner reported issue of receiving errors when trying to setup the webhook for Microsoft Teams

FIXED: Cannot select a Primary Contact when adding contacts: Issue only for our USA partners resulting in them not being able to select a Primary Contact

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MSP Manager Update – Monitoring M365 mailbox monitoring, Hour Retainer

We are excited to release our M365 mailbox monitoring via the Graph API.  This supports monitoring for M365 mailboxes with multi-factor authentication enabled and is event driven for real-time ticket generation.

We will begin deployment of this feature today, and complete rollout by August 14, 2020.

Setup is easy!  First configure your M365 integration, then add the appropriate mailbox(es) to be monitored.  This feature is gated by permissions, so if you don’t see the integration, please review your roles and permissions.

For additional details about the feature and configuration, please review our support documentation on the subject:

Based on high demand, the hour retainer service item has been updated to specify the number of hours as the retainer, rather than the retainer $ amount.

The following issues were solved with this release:

  • Workflow not adding contact info to ticket
  • Workflow issue type/sub-type are mixed up
  • Asset class name is not propagated from service plan
  • Queue list may not load
  • Notes are required when saving a password in Knowledge
  • Customer email domain field validation not displaying when there is an error
  • Base64 encoded email attachments displaying incorrectly
  • Completed dates not displayed for tickets completed by workflow rules
  • Workflow created tickets not sending user notifications
  • SLA policies not getting created
  • Ticket list does not display any tickets when filtering custom statuses
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SolarWinds RMM: Feature Policy Permissions for Take Control and Web Protection

Following the recent release of user permissions for Patch Management and Managed Antivirus policies, we’re pleased to let you know that the same option is now available for Take Control and Web Protection policies as well.

Now you’re able to give end-client users secure access to those feature policies, so they can manage more of their day-to-day activities in co-managed IT environments. For more details on how to turn on feature policy permissions for users, check out this previous post.

Summary for Release
– RMM Console v2020.08.06

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SolarWinds Take Control: August Service Release

We’re delighted to announce that our new Command Prompt release is rolling out to For Take Control standalone partners in all territories. 

In follow up to this release, we’re also very pleased to begin the rollout of a series of partner-facing enhancements for the Admin Area, End user Mac Viewer, and Linux Agent. The Linux agent release updates the following OS distribution support: 

CentOS 7, 8 

Fedora 31, 32 

Debian 9, 10 

Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 LTS variants 

Summary for Service Release 
– Admin Area update V2.05082020 
– End-user Mac Viewer update v6.00.17 
– Linux Agent update 0.00.20 

Admin Area: V2.05082020 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Image display in Sessions tab 
ENHANCEMENT: Improved standardization of date pickers 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Mobile browser support 
BUGFIX: Allow Inactive Account holders to login and convert trial 

Mac Viewer update: 6.00.17 
BUGFIX: Resolve Issue with sending “Ctrl/Alt/Del” to the remote host 

Linux Agent 0.00.20 
FEATURE: Add Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with high CPU usage 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Agent crashing 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with resulted in agent incorrectly displaying offline status 

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Advanced Notice: Update to RMM Managed Antivirus Bitdefender (MAV-BD)

Please be advised we will be publishing an update for Managed Antivirus MAV-BD available for all Modern Windows Operating Systems (Windows 7+ Windows Server 2008R2+) starting August 5th, available in all territories by the end of the week. This release provides an update to our MAV-BD agent to

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SolarWinds Mail Assure: August 3 Features and Updates Release


  • Ability for an Admin to broadly enforce 2FA (MMA-3872)

Release 3 Aug

  • Domain overview has been enhanced to display sync status for the Microsoft 365 Sync and LDAP (MMA-3894)

Release 3 Aug 2 Continue reading

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SolarWinds Passportal: Weekly Service Update 2020.7.30

Customer Bugs

FIXED: SolarWinds RMM -> ‘Launch RMM’ button mapped to incorrect URL: Problem for some of our SolarWinds RMM partners in which hitting the “Launch RMM” button redirects them to the incorrect location of their SolarWinds RMM.

FIXED: Incorrect redirection when accessing Runbooks download link: When our MSP partners have branded their company portal URL and generate a Runbook, the Runbook automatically generated download link leads to an unbranded Passportal URL.

ex. MSP Oilers have branded their Passportal URL to Their Runbook download link should automatically point to:

Instead of what it was automatically pointing to:

FIXED: Jumbled appearance of longer MSP names when generating Runbook: When our MSP partners have a longer company name. The name appears bunched together when generating a Runbook for their clients.

FIXED: PDF generation of “Passwords Known by User” report cutting off usernames: Problem with longer usernames and/or descriptions being cut off on the “Passwords Known by User” report when it is generated to PDF

FIXED: Passwords showing as password hash after password move: Partner reported issue of moving credential from their Company Vault to Clients resulted in the password changing to random set of characters with no history of change.

FIXED: Automated Workflows not firing on Document and License Expiration: Problem with Automated Workflows around workflows set to monitor Document and License expiration’s. The workflow was failing to run at the days set for the expiration warning

FIXED: Custom Custom Docs templates failing to generate in Runbook: Issue revolving around the creation of a new Custom Docs template, using the template, and then generating a Runbook resulted in it missing that template

FIXED: Main Dashboard – Asset/License Expiry Graph producing no results: Clicking on the graph will display the correct results now

FIXED: Articles not sorting alphabetically when required

FIXED: Article image corruption: Issue around uploading an image and then editing the properties to populate the Alternative Name Text field leading to image corruption when Article saved

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SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with New Windows RC Agent

We’re pleased to let you know that we are releasing a new Windows RC Agent, v10.9.14, which is expected to be available in all territories by the end of the week.

The latest agent includes an update to the default threshold settings for the Performance Monitoring Checks when they are applied via the automated check detection scan. This is to help reduce unnecessary check failures due low out-of-the-box settings. For details on the new thresholds, check out this previous post.

In addition, the agent contains a couple of updates to Site Concentrator to address some issues to improve how it works with Patch Management. Note that to resolve a particular Continue reading

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SolarWinds Take Control: A Vastly Improved Command Prompt Environment – Coming Soon!

Partner success and satisfaction remain key drivers for SolarWinds Take Control, and so too does innovation; the ability to approach market problems and devise new ways to tackle them.  

In this release, we are introducing such an innovation: the new Take Control Command prompt: 

Take control has always offered a Windows Command line and PowerShell (PS) interface that allowed our partners to remotely get to the heart of a system. In this new release, we’re delighted to debut an exciting revision to this feature — our real time command line environment. 

In this release, the new Command Line feature looks and feels exactly like the real thing: 

In both the CMD or PS environments, the new interface brings a raft of features which you’d only expect to find in a native prompt environment —  tools and capabilities such as, command history, tab-to-autocomplete, copy/paste, control-commands (CTRL/C to stop a ping, etc.) command shell colors, and much more. In most cases, using this new tool is almost as good being on the native command line of the machine you are connected to.  

Launching the new prompt environment is simple. When you’re remotely connected,  navigate to your System Shell, select the ellipses, and select your interactive command environment:  

Note: As this is our first (Beta) release of this new feature, we’re only making this available to Standalone Take Control and Take Control Plus. As we iterate and incorporate partner feedback, we’ll work to introduce this to our integrated Take Control versions on SolarWinds N-central and RMM.  

Summary for release
– new Standalone Windows Console & Agent
– Version 7.00.18

Agent 7.00.18
FEATURE: Integrated real-time CMD Environment for Windows
FEATURE: Intergrated real-time PS Environment for Windows

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SolarWinds RMM: Patch Management Policy Permissions for Co-Managed IT

We’re pleased to let you know that we have released the next update to help you share day to day administrative duties with in-house IT staff, for example in a co-managed IT setup with your customers. Following the recent update to give customer users restricted access to Managed Antivirus policies, we’ve now enabled the same option for Patch Management policies. It means you have a way to specify which Patch Management policies a particular user can see, and which are hidden from them.

To use this feature, go to Settings > Users > Client Groups, select a Client Group then click ‘Manage policy access’… for additional details on how to set this up for a client user, see this previous post. Continue reading

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