Now available: SolarWinds Backup version 18.12

We are pleased to announce the availability of SolarWinds Backup version 18.12. This release includes several customer-requested enhancements, including support for new operating systems and applications. New support additions/updates include:

  • Added Backup Manager support for OneDrive Files On-Demand to ignore online only file links
  • Added improved support for Mac OS X Mojave (10.14.0)
    • OS X Mojave security restrictions now require applications to be added to ‘full disk access’ in System Preferences. We’ve added a dialog to alert you, and a button that will open the System Preferences screen to the correct dialog, so you can add the Backup Manager and continue to perform successful backups.

2018-12-14 Mac screen

Additional improvements and bug fixes include:

  • Fixed an issue where an unexpected job ran after an unscheduled day
  • Fixed an issue where bare-metal restore to GPT volumes reduced available disk space
  • Fixed an issue with virtual disaster recovery of machines with different OS and System partitions
  • Fixed an issue where high network utilization was caused by a non-writable LocalSpeedVault
  • Fixed an issue where virtual disaster recovery completed with error “failed to map virtual path” when restoring only selected partitions
  • Fixed an issue where customer could not run a backup after missing a schedule after an interrupted session


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SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with new Windows RC Agent

We’re pleased to let you know that the latest RMM release is now available to all customers. This week’s update includes a new Windows RC Agent (v10.8.4) with updates to the ‘Automation Manager’ feature and an improvement to operating system detection.

We’ve also released an update to the new SolarWinds Patch Management engine for devices on Windows Agent v10.8.3 and up. We’re now in our final RC phase for the new SolarWinds patch engine and encourage you to test and report any outstanding issues you may find, and share any feedback of your experience using the new engine. Continue reading

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MSP Manager – Release Notes Update

We’re pleased to inform you of our latest release which includes several bug fixes.

Here’s a list of items we have fixed:

·         Attachments without filenames in meta-data appearing as null files
·         N-central unable to export device to MSP Manager due to missing asset reference id
·         Updated scheduled item date generating tickets before scheduled date
·         Timesheet not loading for several users
·         New tickets not defaulting to taxable
·         Ticket list not automatically sorting based on latest update date
·         Ticket filters not applying when exporting tickets
·         Custom notification tags aren’t displaying
·         Timesheet report headings are overlapping in German language
·         Rate/Type of work is blank on time entries for recurring tickets
·         Service Plans hourly rates are not applying when applied to a customer at the Program Level
·         Not able to review a ticket when running billing batch
·         Some users are unable to load dashboard after change of role/permissions
·         Unbilled tickets link in billing batch not loading 

If you are interested in beta testing our new custom ticket statuses feature please reach out to [email protected]

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SolarWinds RMM: Backup Documents GA for Mac Workstations

Following a successful RC period, we are excited to make Mac Agent 3.1.1 the new Generally Available (GA) Agent, which includes the SolarWinds®Backup Documents feature.

If you don’t already know, SolarWinds Backup Documents locates and backs up business documents from every workstation twice a day, automatically, and with our global cloud network, users can self-service restore documents anywhere at any time.

This feature is especially important for Mac workstations because the built-in Time Machine backup – while nice for system restores – is not designed to serve as a business-class backup. Click here for more details on how to take advantage of this exciting new offering. The new Mac GA Agent will be rolling out across the RMM territories over the course of this week.

In addition, we’re pleased to confirm a set of improvements for NetPath, Web Protection and Network Devices in this week’s release – here are all the details: Continue reading

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MSP Manager Update – Single Sign On

Please note that we will be fully completing our migration to SSO.  We currently have a small subset of customers using our Legacy login accounts.

If you are one of these customers, here is what to expect.  You will be presented with a slightly different login page after this update.  If you already have an SSO account, you can simply log in to the newly presented login page. 

If you do not have an SSO account, you will be prompted to register for an account.  Please use the same email address to create your SSO account.  Your MSP Manager account will be linked automatically, ensuring that no work or settings are lost.

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SolarWinds Mail Assure: December 3rd Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:  

Internal API logging exposed at admin level (preview) 

We now expose the internal activity logs at admin level. This shows as option “Logs” in the “Server” section on the dashboard when “Preview features” are enabled in the admin’s user profile, and allows access to the technical activity logs for auditing and support purposes. Continue reading

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SolarWinds RMM: Rolling Out New Load-Balancers for the German Territory

Please note that on December 8th we’ll be introducing new load balancers for the RMM URL and the Agent upload endpoints in the German territory.

If you have a restrictive firewall configuration, and need to explicitly authorize outbound traffic, please make sure the relevant IP address is added to your firewall whitelist. The URLs and IP addresses of the new load-balancers for Germany are listed below. Continue reading

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