SolarWinds Mail Assure: July 29th Features and Updates Release


Filtering (services): 

  • Resolved: Update logging queue status for messages with dropped connections (MMA-1362) 

Front-end / GUI: 

  • Resolved: Inclusion of Domain ID in CSV custom rule export and import (MMA-1443) 
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MSP Manager Update – Release Notes

Today we have published some new bug fixes!

The following are the bugs resolved in this release:

  • Assigned tickets go to Unassigned queue
  • Unable to edit or save Access Group changes using certain accounts
  • Unable to “Break Link and Enable Editing” of Service Items that are based on Service Plans
  • no-reply email address used for Private Notes from tickets.
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SolarWinds Mail Assure: July 22nd Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

Summary Information

When using a page that provides a table that includes one or more columns that is a number, you can now optionally include an average or total summary row. If you group the results, then you’ll get both average/total rows for each group, and an overall row.

For example, when using the Archive Usage page, you may wish to see how much space each admin is using (without having to manually add up the values yourself). On the log search page, you might want to see the average size of quarantined messages by mailbox, or the total size of messages waiting in the queue.

Archive Usage Page

Remote Syslog

A new “Remote Syslog Feed” page is available for users with “features preview” enabled. A “syslog” service is a standard service used to store and access logging data; many integrated logging solutions, such as SolarWinds Papertrail, provide the ability to receive data via a syslog feed.

When this functionality is enabled for a user, a log entry will be sent to the configured remote syslog server when a message is received, when a message delivery is attempted, and when a user marks a message as needing training. You can configure the format of the log entry that is sent (both what data is included, and the layout) so that it meets the needs of your system.

Each user (at domain or admin level) may configure a single remote syslog feed, which will be appropriately restricted to events for that user.

Remote SysLog Feed


Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: fixed a rare scenario where a user was logged in via SSO, but not as a user with authorization to use the web interface, and then could not log out of SSO in order to use a different account (MMA-635)
  • Resolved: removed the “skip sending if no results” checkbox in the edit dialog for configuring automatic Email Scout Reports (these reports always skip sending in that case; the checkbox had no effect) (MMA-1473)
  • Resolved: fixed a minor display issue with the Email Scout Reports edit dialog (MMA-1474)
  • Resolved: fixed exporting outgoing filter identities incorrectly including columns that were not selected (MMA-1478)
  • Resolved: fixed the outgoing filter custom filtering rules add/edit dialog wrongly including a field for an outgoing username (MMA-1482)
  • Added: tables that include numeric values may now optionally include an “average” or “total” summary row, per group, and overall (MMA-678)
  • Added: a new “Remote Syslog Feed” page is available, which allows you to instruct the system to send a copy of the message logging data to a remote syslog server, including the SolarWinds Papertrail service. This functionality can be configured for multiple users. Note that this is currently only available for users who have “Features Preview” enabled (MMA-588)




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SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with New Windows RC Agent

In this week’s RMM release, we’re making a new Windows RC Agent available, with bug fixes and performance improvements.

Here are the details for this week’s release…

Summary for Service Release
– Service release with new Windows RC Agent
– Dashboard v2019.07.18
– Windows RC Agent v10.9.4

Dashboard v2019.07.18
UPDATE: Improvement to Settings > Alerts > Settings dialog to load much quicker
BUGFIX: Solve Last Reboot and Last Response column sorting order on Servers tab

Agent 10.9.4 (Release Candidate)
BUGFIX: Addressing an issue related to Take Control agent communication error on install
BUGFIX: Resolved issue causing agent GUI to be slow to load

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SolarWinds Take Control: Video calling

We are very pleased to announce our latest stand alone Take Control release 7.00.07. This release, which includes an updated Windows Agent, Windows Console & Viewer revision in addition to a variety of customer-driven improvements, also includes our latest feature: In-session video calling!

All the details… Continue reading

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SolarWinds RMM: New Features for the At-a-Glance Dashboard

We’re pleased to let you know that we’re rolling out a set of updates this week to the recently introduced graphical dashboard in RMM, as we continue to enhance this area based on the great customer feedback we received.

In this week’s update, we’re adding the following new features:

  • A refresh button with time of the last update
  • The option to make the new dashboard your default landing page on login
  • An full screen mode to show the widgets dashboard as a wall chart
  • An easy to use ‘add device’ wizard for creating agent packages for clients and sites

We expect to roll the update out to all territories over the coming days. Here’s more detail of what’s in store…
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Enhancement to Office 365 Exchange Restore

The SolarWinds Backup team is happy to announce enhanced capabilities for the recovery of Microsoft Office 365 Exchange items. The new version preserves folder and tree structures, so customers can restore an entire mailbox, entire folder, or individually selected items to their choice of location.

Recovery can be to the items’ original location, to a new location defined by the user, or for quick restore, to an auto-generated folder.

More details can be found at

ExchangeRestoreSelectMailboxEmail release notes


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