MSP Manager Update – 10/30/2018

A publish is scheduled for MSP Manager for Tuesday October 30th at 7:00 am GMT. The Update Window is approx. 7 hours and we do not anticipate any downtime.  Release notes will follow within a few business days, post publish.

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SolarWinds Mail Assure: October 29th Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

Improvements to Automatic Email Scout Reports
When creating a scheduled Email Scout Report, you’re now able to choose between sending to a specific recipient, or to all mailboxes for the domain (an automatic ESR). This allows customization of the automatic ESR, rather than the fixed automatic ESR available from the Domain Settings page – you can adjust the template that’s used, the columns that are included, the filters that define the report, the subject and sender of the email, and have access to the same extensive scheduling configuration as for a single report. Continue reading

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Single Sign-on (SSO) Coming Soon to SolarWinds® Backup

Great news! In early November user authorization for the Backup Console @ will migrate to a new Single Sign-on identity server. Once logged in, your credentials will be standardized between other supported SolarWinds applications you have authorization for. Continue reading

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Available Now – Monitor your Network Devices in RMM – The Network Devices module is GA

We’re excited to announce that the General Availability (GA) build of the Network Devices module is now live. The Network Devices module is a significant new update to RMM that is designed to allow you to more easily discover and monitor your customer’s network devices in the RMM UI. As a reminder, the Network Devices module is free for the rest of October – so we encourage you to try it.

Read on to learn what the Network Devices module has to offer.

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SolarWinds RMM: Upgrade to RMM Managed Antivirus – Bitdefender (MAV-BD) v6

As mentioned in our previous post, we have now resumed our MAV-BD upgrade from v5 to v6.  This is a phased rollout that is slowly deploying across regions and will carry into next week.

Please remember that this is a major MAV-BD engine upgrade and does require a reboot.  MAV-BD engine upgrades can also be delayed or scheduled off hours on evenings/weekends by changing the “Force engine upgrades after” option within the “General” tab of the MAV policy.  Ensure the delay and reboot settings in your policies are set accordingly for your customers.

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Announcing availability of SolarWinds® Backup version 18.9

We are pleased to announce the availability of SolarWinds® Backup 18.9, a minor release addressing known customer issues and bug fixes, as well as a requested feature for the Early Access version of SolarWinds Backup for Office 365 Exchange.

Customer issues/Bug fixes

• This release fixed an issue where unexpected backups ran after an unscheduled day.

• It also fixed an issue where the wrong output for command ‘control.script.list’ in ClientTool was presented on Linux machines.

Backup for Office 365 Exchange EAP

• Added the ability to exclude deleted or unlicensed mailboxes from backups.

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Advance Notice: Upgrade to RMM Managed Antivirus – Bitdefender (MAV-BD) v6.6.4.68 and v6.4.2.79 scheduled to resume Tuesday October 23, 2018.

Please be advised we will resume publishing an upgrade to all MAV-BD v5 devices starting on Tuesday October 23, 2018.  This will be a staggered upgrade with the APAC region on Tuesday October 23, EU on October 24 and US region on October 25th. This is a major version upgrade from MAV-BD v5 to MAV-BD v6 and a reboot will be required.  The Release Candidate (RC) option to “Enable Bitdefender v6” from the Managed Antivirus menu has been removed.  New installations of MAV-BD will continue to install MAV-BD v6.  We will post another update once this upgrade has been published.

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