Update: RMM Managed Antivirus Bitdefender (MAV-BD) publish

Please be advised we will be publishing an update for Managed Antivirus (MAV-BD) v6.6.10.148 available for all Modern Windows Operating Systems (Windows 7+/Windows Server 2008 R2+) starting Friday May 31st. The new Bitdefender engine version should not require any reboot. If a reboot should be needed, it will be displayed with the RMM dashboard. Ensure the delay and reboot settings in your policies are set accordingly for your customers.

Link to original post: https://status.solarwindsmsp.com/2019/05/29/solarwinds-rmm-coming-soon-a-brand-new-remote-background-management-feature-managed-antivirus-update/


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SolarWinds RMM: Coming Soon – A Brand New Remote Background Management Feature, Managed Antivirus Update

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll soon begin the roll-out of a brand new Remote Background Management option, offering advanced functionality such as remote PowerShell commands, event log access, a remote registry editor, key system info, and more. It means you’re able to perform many more tasks remotely on an end-point, without the need to interrupt the end-user.

In addition, we wish to advise you that we’ll be publishing an update to Managed Antivirus MAV-BD for all modern Windows Operating Systems. This update should not require a reboot. Please scroll down to the Managed Antivirus section for details.

A Brand New Remote Background Management Feature

The new release candidate (RC) Remote Background feature will automatically appear alongside the existing Remote Background option, so you can start to use the new remote Continue reading

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SolarWinds Mail Assure: June 3rd Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

LDAP distribution list flag sync

The LDAP mailbox synchronization system has a new attribute that may be copied from the LDAP server, indicating if the mailbox is a distribution list. A default mapping is provided for newly added domains, so, if your LDAP server is configured in a standard way, and you’re using the default mapping, your distribution lists should be picked up automatically.


Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: fixed an issue where the “customize actions” action would not work for some domains (MMA-1334)
  • Resolved: fixed the button to enable/disable using recommended values on the sender/recipient whitelist/blacklist pages and custom filtering rules pages (MMA-1135)
  • Improved: language selection is now available from the user profile page (MMA-988)
  • Added: the LDAP mailbox sync now supports syncing a distribution list flag (MMA-755, MMA-439, MMA-753)




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SolarWinds Mail Assure: May 27th Features and Update Release

What’s new this week:

Admin level custom filtering rules

It’s now possible to create filtering rules at admin level (that apply to all domains linked to that admin, including indirectly). To do this, simply use the “Admin Rules” tab and select the appropriate admin when creating the rule.

Admins also have a new “Inherited Rules” tab, where they can see (but not edit) rules that have been created by higher level admins. Domain-level users are able to see, but not edit, the rules that are applied to their mail (on the “Admin Rules” tab). If a domain-level user opts out of using the default rules, they are opted out of using the admin rules as well.

LDAP authentication using remote username

If you have configured the LDAP mailbox sync to sync the (remote) username associated with the mailbox, then this can now be used when authenticating against an LDAP server. This is useful when your usernames and email addresses do not necessarily match, e.g. the username may be jsnow but the email address is [email protected]. Authentication will first be attempted using the mailbox entered on the log in page, and if authentication fails, then if there is a remote username set for the mailbox, authentication will be attempted using that.


Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: fixed inconsistencies when using both the deprecated and current quarantine page (MMA-1255)
  • Resolved: fixed an issue with retrying delivery on all outgoing messages matching a search (MMA-1327)
  • Changed: the links to the deprecated queue & quarantine pages have been removed from the queue & quarantine pages (b3ba5f44c9).
  • Changed: it is no longer possible to add a mailbox alias that has the same name as a mailbox (MMA-1298)
  • Improved: the username from the LDAP mailbox sync can be used (rather than the email address) when authenticating against an LDAP server (MMA-193)
  • Improved: custom filtering rules may now be applied at the admin level (MMA-535)
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SolarWinds RMM: Patch Management Updates, Windows Agent Updates

We’re pleased to announce a new GA Agent for Windows, v10.8.10. It means the improvements provided with 10.8.9 RC are now available for rolling out across customers, together with an update to better detect user activity when agents are uninstalled directly on the endpoint. We’re also pleased to release a new RC Agent, v10.9.1, with support for upcoming enhancements to Remote Background Management.

The new agents will be released to the RMM territories in the next few days.

Summary for Service Release
– Patch Management engine upgrade, new Windows agents
– Dashboard v2019.05.22
– Windows Agent 10.8.10 GA, 10.9.1 RC

Dashboard v2019.05.22
BUGFIX: Solve issue preventing bulk adding tasks to Mac workstations

Agent 10.9.1 RC
UPDATE: Support for Remote Background enhancements (future feature update)

Agent 10.8.10 GA
UPDATE: Improved end-user detection for manual agent uninstalls

Windows Agent 10.8.10 includes the updates since the current production Agent v10.8.8:

Agent v10.8.9 Release Candidate
UPDATE: Ensure disabling TLS 1.0 and 1.1 has no adverse effect on agent communication

UPDATE: Ensure default agent branding is up to date

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SolarWinds Mail Assure: May 20th Features and Update Release

What’s new this week:

Addition of Admin Aliases for login

A new page has been added “Manage Admin Aliases”. This page is used to configure multiple user/password credentials to log in as the same admin. For example, if you have three users that manage the same set of domains, then you can create an admin alias for each of them, rather than sharing the same set of admin credentials.

When an admin alias is used to log in, the user has the same permissions as the primary admin. You can see in the top bar the name of the main admin, and actions taken by the user will be logged against the admin alias for auditing purposes.


Filtering (services):

  • Resolved: under some circumstances the archiving soft-quota warning message would fail to be sent (MMA-1282)
  • Resolved: in some cases, the ‘welcome’ message for automatic Email Scout Reports would not be sent (MMA-1241)

Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: fixed an issue where archive message content searching could incorrect return no results (MMA-1248)
  • Resolved: when using OAuth/OpenID Connect, the user’s language selection would not always be applied correctly (MMA-1287)
  • Improved: the LDAP authentication method now works when the authenticating email address is at a domain alias, rather than the primary domain (MMA-1289)
  • Added: an admin may be added as alias, having all permissions of the parent admin (MMA-194, MMA-959)
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MSP Manager Update – Enhancements and Release Notes

New feature

·         We’ve added an option that allows you to restore a deleted service item.  This should help with those instances where you didn’t really want to delete a service item, but mark it inactive instead.

 We’ve also fixed the following issues:

·         Asset not exporting from N-central to MSP Manager with a 400 error.
·         Slow Customers selector in access groups.
·         Rate names not being updated for Hour Retainer/Flat Fee
·         Error importing N-central customer to MSP Manager
·         Company dashboard not updating
·         Recurring Ticket Schedule creating multiple tickets
·         SLA report showing breached tickets for some that are not breached
·         Error occurring when editing a customer program level
·         Xero exporting whole quantities rather than fractions of hour
·         Hours worked rounding displaying excessive decimal places
·         Ticket created near midnight appears in next month’s billing batch
·         Can’t export customer to QBD if a deleted customer with the same name exists
·         Ticket export timeout
·         Ticket export not respecting filter settings
·         User within access group can see all contacts
·         Failure when closing tickets created by RMM outage
·         Unable to add customer contact as “cc” to a ticket

We’re always grateful for your feedback, so let us know how we’re doing, and keep the ideas coming!  [email protected]

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